Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Sugar Less

So Alisa and I are doing a sugar shut out.  We have pledged to eat no treats until Easter. That is three and a half months of no Milky Way Midnights, no brownies, no French pastries, no ice cream. No birthday cake for me this week, when Duncan and Will celebrate.  No free macaroons for Alisa.  Not even Nutella.  Instead we are just going to eat oranges and revel in our sainthood.

Last year, we gave up chocolate for Lent.  That seemed really, really hard.  So far this year, the no treats thing is working pretty well.  It seems easier to give up everything sweet than to just say no to chocolate.  Fewer cravings I think.   Also, I have learned I don't do well with moderation.  I am an all or nothing kind of girl.  If I can't eat the entire package of Oreos, then it's easier for me to have none.  I can't let something sit in my pantry.  Knowing something is in there drives me crazy and I pick at it all day until it's gone and then my family comes home and complains about not getting their fair share. UNLESS  I have made a solemn vow with my daughter to not eat any of it, and then I eat none.  I even totally skipped the brownies Audrey made on Sunday, and guess what?  The entire pan was STILL gone by the end of the night.  Can't blame me for that one.  I don't think this has helped me cut down on calories at all though.  It seems like I just make up for them by eating more crackers and cheese, white bread, and chips and salsa. So my  next step might have to be eliminating white flour.  Who knows, maybe I'll be total paleo by the end of the year.  Yeah, right.

By default, the kids are eating less sugar too, but I'm not sure they have realized it yet. Maybe they are still subsisting on the stash they got for Christmas. At any rate, if you come to my house, please don't bring me a treat.  Well, you could bring ice cream maybe.  I'm not a huge fan of ice cream. Unless it has almonds and chocolate in it. Bring gummy bears instead.  Or skittles.  I hate gummy bears and skittles.

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