Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Birthday Recap and After

  No matter how old you get, you have to have a shot of yourself on your birthday with your candles all aglow, right?  Even if they are haphazardly stuck into a pecan pie.  When we took Will into the doctor the other day, he measured in at 6 feet 2 inches, and I have a feeling he may still have an inch or two to go. So, at the age of sixteen, Will has officially claimed the title of my littlest boy AND my biggest boy.  It's a good thing his brothers aren't the jealous types.

Looking at him in that picture, I can tell he doesn't feel good.  I think we may need to have a birthday do-over.  He is supposed to be ordained a priest in church tomorrow, if he is feeling up to it, He is feeling better, but coughing more.  We might have to postpone everything one more week.

 And this is what I did today, complete this time with before and after shots:
B.G. -(before grout, just in case you couldn't tell)

 A.G. (after grout)

Being a tile setter's daughter, I am a little obsessed with this project, and a little insanely proud of myself for doing this.  So proud that I have decided to tile the OTHER end of the room as well!  We are going to do about 12 feet at the entrance of the room to give us space to put up a table and have dinners down there and do art projects and other messy stuff.   That is a project for next weekend perhaps.  I am also a little more appreciative and proud  of all the work my dad did over the years to support his family.  Doing a little one time tile job in your basement is fun.  He did tile every day,  for probably close to 50 years, which was not as much fun.  I wish I knew how many square feet of tile he has installed in his lifetime. Miles and miles and miles I am sure.  Enough to give us all a great life.  Thanks Dad, for all that hard work all those years!

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