Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Funyons Are Awesome

Yeah, so suddenly it's November and  I realize I've been absent for a while.  Not just from the blog, but from lots of things I used to do, like sleeping.  See, I had this little emergency come up that was called Breaking Bad Is On Netflix,  and dealing with that has taken up most of my spare time and energy.  It's been rough.  I think I even missed Halloween.   I have no pictures of anybody on Halloween, but I swear we all dressed up and all those who wanted to went trick or treating.  Which is to say that my 18 year old, 6 foot tall son went trick or treating. There was no deterring him. Fortunately, most of our neighbors know him, and all of them were good sports about having a  very tall person with a  five o'clock shadow and a nylon stocking on his head begging for candy at their door.   Come to think of it, I may have a picture of THAT somewhere.

And  I remember our mailbox getting knocked over on Halloween and me thinking that was good,  because:  A) at least the little hoodlums spared our pumpkins, and B) we would finally be forced to build that brick mailbox that I want so much, but no,  Dan just stuck another pole in the ground and reattached the ugly thing.  He wouldn't even call the cops, even though messing with people's mailboxes is a federal offense I think.  So then I went back to Breaking Bad and completely forgot to snap a picture of Olivia in her Snow White costume.  She will most likely be wearing it till she is 18 though, so I'm sure I'll have another chance at that shot. She just might be holding an Easter basket instead of a trick or treat bag.

So that was Halloween.  Then it was Dan's birthday, and he celebrated by working at a football game, and I celebrated by running a 5k with Audrey.  We are blocking out that day as well though, because I refuse to admit that I am married to someone as old as he is. Ugh.

Will got his learner's permit.  He has not cracked, crashed or broken anything yet, and Dan has not ruptured any blood vessels yet.  Another WIN.

Throw in voting day ( I didn't do that either) and Veteran's Day (I have not yet unpacked my flag), and we are pretty much caught up to the present day.  I am in the final season of Breaking Bad, so my blog/life hiatus may be nearing its end, unless I decide to re-watch the entire series to catch everything I missed the first time through, in which case I may check out permanently.

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