Sunday, November 24, 2013

Killing Summer, Killing Pumpkins, Killing Youth

Hey! I finally found my missing camera cord, and re-downloaded the software to get my pictures downloaded. So now I can post the twelve pictures I have taken in the past two months.

This is how we  spent the last day of summer this year.  Somehow, my mind is STILL in summer.  Thanksgiving is upon us, but I am still in campfire mode.

Last toasted marshmallow of the season.

This was the first leaf we saw that was starting to turn a little red.  That's a little fallish right there.

And then it was Halloween. Duncan has been dying for me to post this picture on here.  This is what he dressed up as to go Trick or Treating.  He was very proud of this costume.  He has been wearing the suit to church ever since.  I really love this kid.

See, I told ya we celebrated Halloween in style.

Not sure what was going on here, except that I think they were overtaken by the giddiness that is pumpkin guts.

Yep and then this is how we treat people when they get old. You don't even get real birthday candles on your cake.  You have to settle for short, fat, stumpy old ones.

Hey, there ain't no golden living going on around here.

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