Sunday, November 17, 2013

Junk Food Junkies

Oh my.  Can you say comfort eating? This is embarrassing, but our little familly of six  may or may not have devoured THREE PANS of homemade brownies this weekend, plus a package of gingerbread Oreos and a package of gingerbread Twix.  There is something just not right with that picture.  Oh, well I did forget that some of the brownies were shared with neighbors, but still.  We have GOT to eat better around here.  Or maybe just less.   And I am the worst of the lot.  And I haven't been running in two weeks.  Terrible. Just plain slothful really, every last one of us.

Having said that, now let me just say that when it comes to brownies, Audrey is an absolute artist. She makes the best brownies, way better than mine ever were.   I don't know what her secret touch is, but the girl is a master. They are irresistible. You can eat and eat, and nobody around here really knows what the word moderation means, so they disappear pretty quick.  I think that Audrey  must have inherited her baking talents  from her Grandpa Dee, who makes, hands down, the best cookies ever.  I make a passable cookie, and a passable brownie, but nothing like what those two can put out. I used to be pretty good at pies, but who has time to make pie anymore?  I am passing my baking torch on.  I believe it is Audrey's turn to be the head baker around here, at least until I retire.  Maybe then I will take it up again.

My dad will be proud to know that his other grand daughter Alisa has also gone into the cookie baking mode.  She sent me a picture of the cookie dough she had whipped up all on her own, inspired by a package of homemade cookies she had received in the mail from Grandpa.  Apparently, they ate all those and needed more.  Sometimes Oreos just don't cut it, I guess.

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