Thursday, September 26, 2013


Thursday again already.  If nothing else, at least time is flying by.  At this rate, I'll be dead before I know it. If I had any gumption tonight, I'd post a bunch of pictures of the stuff we've been up to, as promised in my previous entry.  Because you know I will wake up tomorrow only  to find that 40 years have passed, and I won't be able to remember what I had for breakfast, let alone what was happening in those pictures from the summer of 2013.  Who are all those tall blondes anyway? But pictures require more effort than I can muster after a long day of pill pushing.  And pulling.  Yesterday, a kid got mad at me because I would not give him any rubbing alcohol.  He wanted some to put in his ear.  He said his ear hurt.  I said go to instacare.  He said I just need a drop of alcohol to put in there.  I said go home and get some.  He said how about some of your hand sanitizer, which sits out on the counter for people to use.  I said I can't recommend that.  Then he pumped some into his ear anyway and walked away.   He didn't even hang around to tell me if it relieved his ear pain.  Today we had a huuuuuge debate (actually a day long series of debates) about where to give flu shots.  That was riveting.  And there were wheelchair races in the lobby.  Then some old man told me I didn't look too fussy.  What does that mean?  Is that a compliment?  Was he hitting on me? Or insulting me with some old man humor that I am not aware of?

And I think I failed to mention the night not long ago, when the lady came in looking for some burn cream. She had a big, red blistered  burn on the side of her face.  She said she was cooking dinner, and was trying to move a big pot, and it was hot and hit her in the face.  I so wanted to ask her why she was using her face to move a big hot heavy pot.   I had such a hard time grasping a mental picture of how that whole scene went down.  But I refrained.

 Seriously, can life get any more exciting?

Yes, it can.  I can tell about the lady who came in looking for a topical pain reliever for what she described as a wound on her foot. Silly me.  I was just trying to be helpful when I asked her questions about what it looked like and how big it was.  Then she uttered the words you never want to hear in a pharmacy.

"Well, let me show you."

And then she  lifted up her moo-moo, and oh, I do not want to go any further in describing what I saw. Lesson learned. Do not pry.

Tonight me and the fab four are kicking back eating grilled cheese sandwiches in front of some inane cartoon on Netflix.  Just soaking in what we have in the  here and now, which is that tonighht  Duncan and Olivia are equally mesmerized by the same TV show, and that, also tonight,  we need neither  furnace nor air conditioner to be perfectly content.  Nobody is worrying about getting anything constructive or noteworthy done.   And remarkably, nobody (meaning me) is feeling much guilt over that.  Ah complacency, we wear you well.  We should drape ourselves in you more often.

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