Tuesday, September 24, 2013

No Catch Up, Just Applesauce

One blog entry? ONE? It's September 24, and there is ONE entry on the old blog for the entire month? Shameful, I tell you.  Simply shameful. Maybe it's a revolt.  No news on here til there is good news.  No wait, that's not right.  The old adage says no news IS good news.  So that doesn't exactly work for us.  Well, it kind of does.  There could always be worse news, right?  Really, it's just that there is not much of anything going on, and we all seem to be really busy with all this nothingness that is happening. 

We did make applesauce with my folks a few weeks ago. That was something.  That was actually one of my H.O.G. moments of the past month.  I was lamenting how much I missed the homemade applesauce we made a few years ago, and  wishing some apples would magically appear that I could turn into applesauce.  Lo and behold, not two days later, my boss just happened to ask me if I could use any apples.  His apple tree had been hit by a hailstorm a few weeks earlier, and some of the apples had gotten pelted he said, but if I wanted any, I was welcome to them.  So we went apple picking, and roped my dad and mom into helping out.  H.O.G. right there, I tell ya.  The downside is that after I took all the apples I could use (which by the way, they were beautiful, and hardly damaged at all, my boss is just a perfectionist), he still had a ton left over on his tree, and last week he brought me another huge box.  This is only a downside because I don't know when I'm going to deal with that box.  But make time for applesauce we will, even if we have to stay up til midnight one night to do it.  That applesauce is something else, if I say so myself.

Hoo boy, now I've gone and done it.  I went through the pictures on my phone to find the one of Olivia picking apples, and now I've remembered a TON of stuff we have been up to.  Dang it, now I have to make more applesauce AND catch up the blog.

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