Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday School Walk

After dinner tonight, we headed out on a walk over to the kids' schools to get some pictures of them. I missed out on getting the traditional last day of school pictures, so two days late is the best we can do.

We did get a shot of Audrey's sidewalk art, a little smudged, which she was mad about, and refused to be in the picture, but you can still tell that it was totally awesome.
The first day of seventh and ninth grade, September 2012

The end of seventh grade. 
In case you are wondering, she is holding up seven fingers for seventh grade.

And same for Will.  End of ninth grade. He is so outta here, and on to the big time at Clearfield High School 

Then Audrey decided to lay down on the sidewalk.  It was really hot outside, and she was really tired, but I'm not so sure that laying down on the sidewalk is the cure for heat.

Then she tried the softer ground over at the playground.  At least here she was in the shade.

It was too hot to actually play much on the playground. They resorted to the shade of the sand.
And Duncan had the right idea and waitied patiently for us at the covered tables.
Then it was on to the elementary school, to get a shot of our once-second grader.
First day of second grade, September 2012

And the end of second grade.

And Audrey had to try out the grass

There's those two fingers for second grade.  Peace out.
And my sweet neighbor who carpools with us was thoughtful enough to get a picture of Olivia and her teacher on the last day of school, since I had to work and couldn't be there.

And just for the fun of it, even though we didn't make it over to the high school to get a picture of Duncan, here is one from the first day of his senior year:

Okay, two.

Sigh. Before I know it, we will snapping pictures of the next first day of school for all of them.

Olivia was the only one among us who was smart enough to bring sunglasses.  She got these from Alisa for her birthday.  Turns out everybody in the family was fighting over them.  We all look pretty rad in them, no?

On the way home, half our neighborhood was standing outside the bishops house, chatting away, so we stopped and had a popsicle with them, and caught up on all the latest neighborhood gossip.  We live in a pretty boring spot with not a lot of drama beyond which teacher your kid got at school, and who all is going to girls camp.  It was still fun to catch up though.  And when we got home, somebody had delivered cupcakes to us.  Duncan was the only one home, and he wasn't sure who it was, so we are sending out our good Karma vibes to the anonymous cupcake donors.  They were delicious, and may you ever have a cupcake when you need one.

All in all, a very nice Sunday to start out summer break.

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