Thursday, June 13, 2013

Just An Old Nag

Life has been blissfully dull around here lately.  Well, as blissfully dull as it can get when you are going on six months of unemployment.  Actually, I take that back.  There is absolutely nothing that is either blissful or dull about life around here at the moment. It's been a scary roller coaster ride for too long and we can't seem to find our way off the ride.  I've noticed it goes in a cycle-  bunches of phone calls and interviews come all at once, our hopes get high for a few days, and then nothing.  Just a nauseating, nagging,  up and down sensation that is going on all the time, in the background of everything else that daily life throws at us.

What I really meant to say was that it has been nice to not have a million events going on this week.  Some of us have even been able to have a few nights at home this week, to do thrilling things like catch up on laundry and pay bills.   The kids have slid nicely into the summer routine of doing pretty much nothing.   I keep thinking that needs to change, but lucky for them, I'm not home enough to do anything about it, and when I am home, I mostly don't care.  So it works out pretty good for them.  Although I'm pretty good about finding things other than household chores to nag them about.

I keep nagging Will about getting his learner's permit.  As in learning to drive.  Zoinks.  We haven't had to worry about a teenage driver in a while.  But he is 15 1/2 so as soon as he can pass the written test, he can start learning to drive. He also better start looking for a job, because when he starts driving, he is going to have some hefty insurance bills to pay.

I keep nagging Olivia to read.  She really doesn't see the point.  Why read when she has such great stories going on in that little  head of hers all day long?  She seriously lives in a world of her own imagination.  Pulling her out of it long enough to do something as mundane as reading a book is not something she sees much need for.  But third grade is staring us in the face, and it is giving me the heebie jeebies.  Something about making the switch from learning to read to reading to learn keeps knocking around in my brain, and she has not made that switch yet.  Not even close.

I don't nag Duncan  much because I know it does me no good.  He got a card last night for his Nintendo system that gives him credits for games or something, and he was so excited to use it that when he went to scratch the silver stuff off the back of it to get to the code, he pushed way too hard and scratched all the numbers off right along with the silver stuff.  He and Dan sat up into the wee hours of the morning trying to decipher the code so that he could use it.  I think they finally gave up and just got another card.  I think he learned how NOT to scratch off that silver stuff though.

 I am not nagging Audrey  this week either, because she has a job, watering flowers and feeding bunnies for our neighbors while they are out of town.   I did have to nag her a lot to get down to their house before they left so they could show her what they needed done.  She made it though, and so at least for this week, there is one more gainfully employed person in the house.  She is still working on her book too, last I heard.  Maybe she could hurry it along and turn it into a best seller.

Mitch is getting ready to take off to Fort Knox for a month.  He leaves June 24.  He is doing some kind of training for ROTC.  He has been working on getting into ROTC for at least six months now.  It is a long slow process and every time he thinks he is almost there, they tell him they want him to see one more doctor.  It's been frustrating.  I hope it works out for him, and I hope this Fort Knox thing is good for him too.   We sure will miss him, even though we don't see him that often.  I'm sure a month will fly by though.

And finally, what I hear from Alisa is that she is off to Spain this weekend, and then to Portugal.  Ah, to have a boyfriend with European connections....

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