Tuesday, June 4, 2013

One More Day

Honors Assembly:                            Check
Alisa Bon Voyaged:                           Check
Graduation Announcements Sent:   Check
Choir Concert:                                  Check
Orchestra Concert:                           Check
Baptism Planned and Carried Out:  Check
Seminary Graduation:                       Check
Yearbooks Purchased:                       Check
Fees Paid:                                           Check
Cap and Gown in Hand:                     Check

All of those exhausting things we had to do over the last month are just about done.   Today was Duncan's last official day of high school.  Tomorrow is yearbook day, and the day after that, he graduates.  After graduation, at Duncan's request, we are going to Golden Corral.  Considering all the entertaining we have done at our house lately, that is just fine with me.

The other kiddos will all be done on Friday and then we will kiss another school year goodbye.  It's been the fastest one yet, and I'm already sad thinking about how fast this summer will disappear. Other years, we have made a bucket list of things we wanted to do over the summer.  This summer, my bucket list only has one thing on it, and that is to spend as much time as possible laying on a blanket under a tree, alternating good books with good naps.  Oh yeah, and there is one other item, which we decided last night, namely that every Monday night is picnic in the park night.  We had a spur of the moment picnic last night, and it was so enjoyable, we decided it needs to happen on a regular basis.  Oh, and one more thing.  Summer mornings, as many as possible, need to be spent on our front porch, watching the sun come up and the birds sing. 

So, we survive one more day, and summer can be all ours.

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