Saturday, June 1, 2013

Fresh and Clean

This sweet girl was baptized on this perfectly beautiful first day of June.

She was really nervous about it.  She isn't much for being the center of attention, and wasn't too hip on having a bunch of people watching her.  She was very brave though, and after a talk by Audrey, a violin solo by Will, and a talk by Mom, she was ready to go. 

Olivia did fine, but her dad nearly fell into the font.  All I heard was a bunch of splashing and thumping, and then Dan came into view, flailing around and trying to stay upright.  He managed to save himself before he got dunked all the way, but we came close to having a double baptism, one on purpose and one on accident.

Here is our newly baptized girl, still sopping wet.

And all dried off and ready to start a new life!

This was the crazy family that showed up to support her.  I can't help it. I love these nut jobs.

Audrey, Olivia, and I had fun making this cupcake version of her baptism dress on Friday night. 

And here is the real thing.

A girl and her grandpa

After our lunch and party, when everyone had gone home, Olivia got another special treat.  She got to go to the automatic car wash with Mom and Dad!  It's one of her favorite places.

Fresh clean girl, and fresh clean car, somehow it seemed fitting:)

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