Sunday, December 18, 2016

A Little Whine with Christmas

I don't drink, but if I ever start, it is going to be in the month of December. Always, there is too much to do in too few days and with too little money. I am just really kind of hating my life right now for a million trivial reasons. If you are desperate for entertainment, here is a selection of what is stuck in my craw tonight.

We need a new water heater.
My dog's breath really stinks. Not like regular dog breath stink, but like bionic, deathwarmedover stink.
The house is a mess.
I'm out of money.
Tomorrow is Monday.
It's freezing cold.
I keep losing earrings.
Our carpet is ugly.
I didn't send Will enough treats for Christmas.
Olivia and Duncan ate an entire package of Oreos by themselves. In one night.
I hate my closet.
I need a pedicure.
My parents live too far away.
Everybody is going to die one day.
I ate Olivia's pie.
I spilled my diet coke on my ugly carpet.

There is more, but that's enough. Now I'm going to go write a happy letter to Will.

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