Friday, November 4, 2016

Oh But Wait, We're Out of Milk

I'm feeling pretty good about my mom skillz today.

Alisa took her big final exam for her masters degree today.  Yesterday she got a package FROM ME to help her celebrate and relax after her test.

Got an e-mail from Will today. He is still alive, has a clean shirt on, and is eating.  AND, he got a package FROM ME on Halloween, full of Halloween treats.

Audrey is going to the Sadie's dance tomorrow. They are making tacos for dinner at her friend's house. Her assigned food contribution is prepared BY ME and waiting in the freezer.

Olivia has a field trip coming up on November 16. Her permission slip has been signed BY ME and turned into the teacher.

For the next few moments at least, I feel so prepared and in control.  This is a very odd feeling for me.

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