Wednesday, April 27, 2016

TJOA Day 27 Empathy

Normally on our morning drive to the mill, Duncan is very quiet.  Today however, after a few failed attempts on my part to get him engaged in a conversation, he said, " I'm sorry, I'm just a little depressed this morning."

Well, THAT was more intimate conversation than he had made all week. I asked him what the bad news was, nervous about what he would say.

" The new Zelda game for Wii U, that was supposed to come out in 2016 has been delayed until 2017."

Oh good. Nothing earth shattering. I mean, oh no. Totally devastating from Duncan's view.  So I empathized with him and asked a few pertinent questions. He was totally engaging and animated all the way to work, telling me how frustrated he was, and how angry the situation made him. Because HE was invested in the conversation.

Today  I learned that we both need to work on our social skillz.

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