Tuesday, April 19, 2016

TJOA Day 19

A small miracle at our house tonight- Olivia voluntarily ate a banana. And liked it. She had to cut off the ends to make it more palatable, but she ate the whole thing.

I don't think Duncan has voluntarily eaten a fruit or vegetable in his life. He knows he has to routinely scarf down a minimal amount of produce to keep his mother happy, but he never enjoys it. He would honestly rather just be hungry than eat a tomato or a pepper. And fruit is no better.

If it was up to Duncan, I think every day for the rest of his life would consist of the following menu:

Breakfast- Reeses Puffs cereal with milk

Lunch -Peanut butter sandwich on white bread, no jam. Orange juice. Chips and a few Oreo cookies

Dinner- Hamburger, ketchup only,  hold the pickles and onions  Or cheese pizza. With rootbeer.

Dessert- Mint chocolate chip or cookies and cream ice cream.

Maybe I should let him do the meal planning around here for  a week or two.

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