Sunday, February 28, 2016

Oscar Night

Well, here we all are on Oscar night, in the comfort of our family room,ballots completed (at the urging/insistence of the resident film critic), all waiting with something less than eager anticipation for the winners to be announced.  I mean, DAN is eagerly anticipating. I am half heartedly attempting to  feign interest, and not being very successful. The kids range from one end of the  interest spectrum to the other.  Every year, Dan makes us all fill out ballots, then carefully tallies our results, then announces the winner. Which is always him. Then he lords it over our heads for the rest of the night that, surprise suprise,  he won AGAIN.  But, he makes attempts to support my  holiday efforts at carving pumpkins and hiding Easter eggs, so I indulge him.

Here is the really big news though: Today is Day 14 since I have had a diet soda. !!! Can  you believe that? I almost can't. The last time I gave up diet Coke for more than a day was when Audrey was a newborn. And I never thought I would give it up again. But this year,  about the time that Lent started, Alisa called and asked what I was giving up for Lent. That got me thinking, and then Audrey and I got this crazy idea to do a Whole 30 food challenge. This means that for 30 days, you eliminate basically everything worth eating from your diet. Really all we eat now are vegetables, meat, fruit and nuts.  In a few hours we will be at the half way point, and now I'm wondering why this ever sounded like a good idea. But, hey, I have at least proven to myself that I CAN live without diet coke. I just don't want to.

Here is what we have learned so far: Breakfast is really important. Have a big, high protein breakfast, and you can eat healthy the rest of the day. Miss breakfast, and you will crave junk food all day. Also, I have learned that I depend on food as a cure for boredom more than anything else. When I have to take the kids somewhere and wait for them, or when it is slow at work, those are the times that I NEED a diet coke.

Like now for instance. Watching the Oscars bores me. I could really use a diet coke right now. I am going to be strong now, and drink my smoothie like a good girl. And go try to pay attention to who is who and who is winning what on this silly show.

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