Monday, September 7, 2015

Where the Buffalo Roam

Pretty much a perfect Labor Day was had around these parts today. Sleeping in, the perfecting of a s'mores cake recipe  after a summer of experimentation with s'mores cupcakes, which we never did nail down, a birthday lunch for Mitch, a trip to Antelope Island, one last excursion to the snow cone shack for the last day  of snow cones til next May, a back yard barbecue in the most perfect late summer weather,eating fresh tomatoes and pears, and watching the second Harry Potter movie with Olivia in honor of her finishing the book and completing a book talk for school. Very little labor, very little stress, and lots of time to enjoy each other and the sunshine. Finally, a holiday where we got to relax.

Will' s lunch date. I swear, we can't take this kid anywhere.

 We had never been to the ranch side of Antelope Island, so we drove out to the Fielding Garr Ranch today. The ranch was cool, but the best part was this woodsy area perfect for exploring. Falling down trees and a little water and a big open field. You could almost see imaginations turning on in here.. Kids running with sticks and calling to each other, balancing on logs to get across the water, and finding little hiding places in the bushes. Olivia had the best time, and so did I.

She is outstanding in her field.
She also had a mad urge to run through the field, kind of like Bambi.

Lots and lots of buffalo today.

And a photo shoot of my sunflowers. My kids won't let me pose them and take pictures anymore, so I have to settle for flowers.

Our first (and probably last) official sit down and eat outside barbecue of the summer. The kids claim we had a one a while back, and  I do have a vague memory of eating and sitting outside, but today we used a table cloth. So that makes it an official barbecue.

Tomorrow we have to go back to the real world of work and school and homework. Well, most of us do anyway. I have one more day off work, and Olivia is off track, so we get to cheat a little bit. After that though, the week hits us full on. Why can't every day be Labor Day.

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