Tuesday, April 7, 2015

To South San Pete and Back Again

Growing up, anytime my mom wanted to really drive home a point about something being far away, she would say something along the lines of "That's clear out in South San Pete County!" Being young and dumb, I had no idea where South San Pete county was.  Was it even in Utah? Was it in the U.S.? It sounded to me like it might be south of the border. All I knew was South San Pete was way too far to go. 

Fast forward forty years, and lo and behold, Olivia is assigned to do a county report on none other than San Pete county.  Having a day of spring break to kill, and not much else going on, taking a day trip down south seemed like a perfect way for her to experience all the joys of San Pete county first hand.  I dragged my mom and the older kids along as well. Now, finally, we can all say we have been not only to San Pete County, but also to SOUTH San Pete County. The farthest spot away in the universe of my childhood.

We actually made it without getting lost.

First stop was a really cool museum in Fairview. They have a life size model of a mammoth that was found in a canyon down there.

And a rock they got out of another canyon that Kit Carson chiseled his name into in 1844. There is another cool museum next door to this one that is full of pioneer artifacts. It is in an old school building that was built about 1905.

 Lunch was in Fairview where we watched People's Court while dining on burgers and fries.

Then we stopped in Historic Spring City and saw another old school house and a jail. We meant to stop and see a pioneer dugout that is down there somewhere too, but we spaced it. Next time we find ourselves in South San Peter, we will be sure and get there.

Then it was off to Snow College. We were in desperate need of ice cream, but couldn't find anywhere open on campus that sold ice cream. So instead we took part in a psychology experiment that two students were doing. We had to taste two different drinks, one red and one blue and tell them which one we liked better.  It wasn't ice cream, but at least it was something.

The kids learned that Snow College was named after Lorenzo and/or Erastus Snow, which they did not know. Audrey and Will both thought it looked like a fun place to go.

Just a piece down the road was the Manti Temple. Audrey rolled down the hill and we climbed about a million steps to get up behind the temple.

Which wore us all out.

 Then we drove home through Moroni, missing the Norbest Turkey plant tour. We left behind San Pete County somewhere around  Levan,  We got stuck in a terrible traffic jam from Provo to Lehi. Then we stopped at Ikea for Swedish meatballs with Lingonberry sauce. Olivia got napkins with some ribs on the side.
 We spent about 30 minutes shopping in Ikea before Will nearly imploded and I had to get him out of there pronto. The boy is not a shopper. I did manage to get some glasses and candles though, and some new toilet bowl brushes, woohoo.

And then we came home, and then it was Easter, and this is the only Easter picture I took. It is of two of my favorite people though, so I think it's a good one.

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