Friday, April 17, 2015

Seriously Lame Ramblings About Books, Fat and Taxes

First off, a shout out to our lovely Alisa who turned 24 on Tuesday. I so missed being able to hang out with her and eat cake that day. I haven't spent a birthday with her since I don't know when. 2013 perhaps?

Anyhow, I love her.

Also on Tuesday, we had this terrible wind storm. Our neighborhood was littered with flyaway trampolines and garbage cans. Then it started raining mud. Then on Wednesday, the 15th, it snowed. All day. More snow than we have seen in these parts since December.  Then our water heater went out. No hot showers for us on that cold snowy night. And to put the cherry on top of the cake of our day, not only did we send off some big fact checks for 2014 taxes, the IRS also chose that day to notify us that we  owe them a pile of money for 2013.  Isn't that just fantastic news?  Just when I thought we could stop sweating about the taxes we knew we owed, now we get to figure out how to pay even more taxes that we didn't know we owed. And the BEST part is that 2013 is the first year we paid someone to do our taxes. And the error was his fault. He made a mistake in entering one of the amounts from one of our statements.  I'm just so delighted with this news I might puke.  Last year I was raving about how much I loved my tax man. This year I'm thinking about broken knee caps.

All of this angst has made me tired. So tired, all I can do is eat and read. I ate so much Easter candy this year.  I kept finding Peeps on clearance, and how can you turn down a yellow chick peep? Olivia and I are the only real peep eaters in our family. Duncan will have one in a pinch, but  me and Liv consumed many many packages of peeps over the past few weeks.  I think finally the stores have been depleted of clearance Easter candy.  And we are in the clear for a while now as far as candy holidays go. It starts in October with Halloween, and all those food holidays just keep rolling on in, straight through to Easter. Summer holidays are less food oriented, so I figure the next eight months are the perfect time to diet. Good timing since  tomorrow I am starting a Biggest Loser contest with my neighbors.  What with taxes and a water heather and a wedding to pay for, I better win.

Oh, and what am I reading you ask? Currently, I am half way through Saving CeCe Honeycut which my friend Mindy loaned to me. I'm about a third of the way through Eighty Dollar Champion, which is our book club book this month. I have to finish that by May 7. And I just got notified that  Gone Girl is available for me to borrow on my Kindle, so now I have to start that one too. But I don't want to see the movie.

Will is camping tonight with the Young Men. Dan is working. Audrey has her friends Alaina and Becka staying the night. Olivia is playing minecraft on her ipod. I am thinking about all the things I could get done tonight and probably won't do, even though I did clean my toilet and mirror. Duncan has been teaching Audrey and her friends to play a game on the Wii. Seriously, that kid should probably consider a career as a gamer.  He is scary good, which is no surprise when you consider how much time he spends doing it. I spend all my time trying to get him to do something else. Maybe I should see about entering him in some tournaments.

I just remembered that I have a Milky Way Midnight stashed in my purse that  I need to eat before I go weigh in tomorrow. So, here's to a Friday night spent in bed with my book, my dog and some chocolate.

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