Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Fourth of June

No summer fun around here today, other than a Bonneville Shoreline Trail hike for Audrey that started at 7:30 this morning.  She is taking summer gym, which means she has four hours of gym class five days a week for three weeks, and then she doesn't have to take any gym during the school year.   I would have died for a deal like that in junior high. The real bonus is they do better things in summer gym, like swimming, hiking, bowling, etc. although so far there also seems to be plenty of regular old sports.  On Monday, the first day of gym, she jammed her finger playing softball.  Today it was still swollen and black and blue so off to the Instacare she went for an x-ray.  Nothing broken, just bruised, and now a nice medical bill on the side.  Oh well, that's what the HSA is for.

Will is still plugging along in Logan, staying with friends up there, without his cell phone, which allegedly was left in some girl's car who has now gone on vacation to Texas. So we are thinking about just leaving him in Logan until he finds some way to contact us.  I'm a little curious about how long it would take him to decide he better come home. My best guess is that it would be about ten days.  I probably won't get to find out though.  His dad will make sure he is home sooner than that.

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