Friday, June 20, 2014

June Bits and Pieces

We have survived the first week of swimming lessons, thanks to much help from co-workers, neighbors and grandparents.  See, Olivia is taking swimming lessons every afternoon after school.  She has to be there at 4:30.  I work til 6:30 four nights a week, Dan's schedule is highly unpredictable, and to complicate things even more, her lessons are in Farmington, half way between home and my work.  But through the miracle of helpful people, we have her transportation covered every day.  Mostly because I have arranged to get off early three days a week.  And you know, I could get used to getting off early three days a week.  It's really quite a nice change of pace.  She is loving the swimming too, so it's all worth it.

Today, since I got off early, we thought we would take Will in to the driver's license division to do his road test so he could get his official drivers license.  Then we found out we had to call ahead to schedule an appointment for a road test.  And the next available day is July 18. So much for the days gone by, when you could just show up, fill out a form, and wait in line for two hours to take your test.  And  so, he has another month to practice, and to find a job so he can start paying for that bothersome car insurance. And gas. And it gives me another month to wrap my mind around the idea of my baby boy becoming a driver.  I am still getting used to the fact that he is taller than me and he shaves.  Watching him drive off on his own for the first time may be the final blow that does me in.

Other exciting news: we are FINALLY getting a new mailbox.  One made of bricks that the big bad wolf can't blow down, and hopefully will also be able to withstand baseball bats on Halloween. It is costing a small fortune, and we may not eat for a couple weeks, but it is totally worth it.  Heck, I don't know what I am more excited about- getting the mailbox or getting rid of the huge stack of bricks that has been taking up valuable real estate in our shed.

Our faithful, fruitful peach tree that has produced hundreds and hundreds of pounds of peaches over the past four summers has finally decided to take a summer off.  It has three peaches on it this year.  And even though I will miss the fresh peaches, I am mostly thrilled at the thought of not having to deal with the peach onslaught that is a regular occurrence around here in September.  Truth be told, we still have canned and frozen peaches from 2012.  Maybe we can clear out the old food storage a bit this winter.  Also, I am speaking for all three of the peaches that are on the tree.  I shall be picking them and eating them at the peak of their perfection, and will probably not share.

Dan is going to try his hand at tomatoes this year.  He complains every year that I don't plant tomatoes.  I told him I am not the only one around here that can plant and care for tomatoes.  We go through this every year and this year, he decided to give it a go.  Me, I am planting pumpkins.  And sunflower seeds.  And I am still working on those zinnias in the front yard, which so far are kind of a bust. If I have my way, most of my day tomorrow will be spent in the yard, watching my new mailbox go in and cleaning out the flowerbeds.  Ah, late spring.  All of summer still ahead of us..

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