Monday, June 2, 2014

Hey Monday

What I absitevely positlutely had to do on this beautiful first Monday in June:

-take Olivia to a dentist appointment.
- get a root canal of my own while I was there.

I so did not want to spend time in the dentist chair today.

What I really really needed to get done today:

- a pile of laundry
- a pile of dishes
- a pile of shopping
- a menu plan
-a fridge clean out

I didn't much want to do any of that either, but it would have been preferable to the dentist chair.

What I should have done today, but didn't even think about making time for:

-gone for a run
-paid some bills
-cleaned a toilet
-walked a dog
-read a book

All good things, right?

What I really wanted to do today:

-plant some flowers
-shop for a bird house for the top of our brand new stump, created on Saturday when we took down our dead tree
-water the lawn
-clean out my closet
-sit in the sun

And what I actually did, which I have to note, since it feels like I got nothing accomplished:

-went to the bank
-washed underwear
-tore the sheets off my bed
-folded clothes
-went to the dentist
-played on my phone
-took my kids shopping for some much needed summer clothing
-ate outside at In-n-Out Burger with my kids
-drove to Brigham City and back

Now we are watching Toy Story III, which was the compromise between Olivia wanting to watch Sleeping Beauty and Duncan wanting to wach Harry Potter.  Only now Duncan is nowhere to be seen, and Olivia should be in bed because she has SCHOOL tomorrow.  I guess I should also note that Will and Audrey's last day of school was Friday.  Olivia still has a month left.  This year round schedule is for the birds.  It's gonna be a weird summer.

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