Sunday, April 13, 2014

Piper Brown's Lucky Break

This face:

  How were we supposed to resist this face?  I had sworn never again. Life without dog food and dog poop and dog hair and dog drool was just so cushy.  I was so not ready to take on another animal. And then, over spring break,  I was totally sucker punched into going to the animal shelter, "just to look".  And  of course, who's is the first face we see upon opening the door to the dog area, big brown eyes watching hopefully and warily from behind the fence? 

That face.
And so, before we even really knew what happened, suddenly we all took a flying leap back into the realms of dog ownership.

Poor little mutt was a stray picked up by animal control.  We know nothing about where she came from before that, but we can tell she has been treated not so nicely at some point in her short life.  She spent a couple of weeks in the animal shelter, where she got spayed and microchipped and cleaned and stuck with the ridiculous moniker of Dingo.  Within a few days of us laying eyes on her, she became our Piper, and hopefully her bad luck streak is over.  Now she is Piper Brown to be specific, she has her own bed, and a collar and her own food bowl.   And she has wriggled her way into our hearts in record time.  She is the definition of lap dog, except for when she just wants to go out and play.  For as small as she is, she can run like nobody's business.  Not much of a jumper, and best of all, at least not yet, she is NOT A BARKER!! She is pretty timid with strangers,  she has some food issues, she is a scavenger, and she is terrified of other dogs, as well as our three cats. She loves loves loves to sit on your lap and be adored, but she is not thrilled with hands reaching out to grab her.  She knows the word NO and hates it.  She sometimes acts like she hasn't spent much time outside.  She is fascinated  by cars and people and lights, and will often just stop and stare at things, like she has never seen them before.
Potty training is a work in progress. She loves to be outside with us. She loves treats. And if you scratch her belly, she will be your best friend for life.

  I know that moment  will come when  she is going to do something naughty, and we will curse her name, and rue the day we ever laid eyes on her, but right now, looking at that face, life feels happier with a dog in the yard.  And our living room. And yeah, even sometimes our bed.

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