Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Unless you really really like me, just skip reading this one.

I'm a just gonna jot down everything I did today, for my own sanity.  Just to see if by looking at what happens when, I can schedule things out a little better, and not be so crazy anymore.

I know. Super boring.

6:15 am- hit snooze button
6:45 am- got Will and Audrey up
6:48 am- went back to bed
7:20-7:45- rushed around like crazy getting ready for work and Olivia ready for school
7:50- took Will to school
8:30-6:45- work work work not much change I can do there
7:15- home, looked at the ads, caught up with kids
7:30-8:00 took a bath while Dan cooked dinner
8:30- started cooking dinner for tomorrow
8:50-11:00 cooked dinner, cleaned up kitchen, paid bills
11:00- 1:00am- wasted time online.

Yeah, my life is riveting, I know.  And I need to go to bed earlier.

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