Monday, March 17, 2014


Fourteen things to love about my brand new fourteen year old:

1. For her birthday dinner, she requested tuna casserole.

2. The dimples when she smiles.

3. She does not yet have her ears pierced.

4. She would rather spend her money on books than on clothes.

5. She volunteered to help out in the church nursery.

 This is not a picture of her birthday dinner.  It is a picture of her birthday lunch.  We played hooky with two of her friends and went to lunch and shopping at Station Park.

6. For her birthday cake, she requested a giant chocolate chip cookie, decorated with four leaf clovers, of course.
 Look!! Her smile is back! No more pulling goofy faces in every darn picture we took over the past year!

7.On the days that she makes her bed, she still gives her old pal, Rascal P. Bennett, her stuffed dog, a place of honor on her pillow.  I think Rascal will always be her first true love.

8. Sometimes, often in fact,  when I look at her, I can see the same expression she had on her face the first time I laid eyes on her.

9.She is a chocolate fiend, just like her mother and sister before her.

10. Her hair.  The thickest, softest hair.

11. Our new favorite Audrey quote: " I am obsessed with Cadbury Eggs. They are the BEST thing about Easter!  Oh, and that Jesus thing is pretty cool too."

12. She will sing in public.

13. She is a questioner and a deep thinker.

contemplating what to wish for...

14.  I think the look on Olivia' s face says it all.  Audrey is the best big sister any girl could ask for.  We are all crazy about that crazy girl of ours.

 Olivia drew her a work of art for her birthday.

Oh, and she asked for a longboard for her birthday.  I have yet to see her try it outside.  But then again, the weather has not been very cooperative.  Maybe we will have a boarder in our family yet. 

Happy Birthday, Audrey, our little Celtic Blessing!

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