Sunday, March 16, 2014

Drive Time

Friday night after work, I drove to Heber to meet up with our Denney friends so that Alaina and Becka could spend the weekend with Audrey.  While I was doing that, Dan was driving to Brigham City to meet up with our Metcalf friends who were taking Will to Logan for the weekend.  Then today,  I drove six girls ( Audrey and her two friends, and Olivia and two of her friends) to Ogden to go to a popcorn shop and out for ice cream.  Then, right after we got back, I hit the road again, this time to Brigham City to retrieve Will.  Tomorrow, we will trek back to Heber to return Alaina and Becka. That is a serious amount of driving in one weekend, considering we didn't even go anywhere.

As a side note, driving all the way to Ogden to buy flavored popcorn with six girls, only to realize once you get there that you have forgotten your purse, is not a good idea. I had a serious moment of panic as all the girls were running into the store, and I was searching the car for my purse, which was at home, sitting safely on the kitchen table.  I had not a dime on me.   But I did have my cell phone.  So I called Duncan, and he got my credit card number, and the semi grumpy lady at the store agreed to run my card number manually for me. Of course by that point we had already sampled a serious amount of popcorn.  I'm pretty sure she didn't want to lose out on a sale to me.  Same thing at the ice cream store.  All the kids ordered up, and the ice cream was half gone before I told the lady I did not actually have my credit card in hand.  She managed to charge my card manually as well, albeit a bit hesitantly.  As I have always taught my kids, "it is far better to beg for forgiveness than to ask permission. "  As a mother, that phrase has often  come back to bite me.  But it is still valuable and true life advice.  I try to follow it religiously.

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