Saturday, July 1, 2017

Out of the Frying Pan

At long last, our family closed the chapter on our elementary school days forever.

Olivia's last day of sixth grade was June 30. After stumping to the finish line of year round school, I can truly say that I will not miss one blessed thing about that year round schedule.  I don't know how we stood it for those four long years, and I am actually really pissed about it. It put a huge damper on my last child's elementary school experience and left us exhausted and drained and yearning for the traditional schedule junior high will bring.

I fully realize that last statement is a sure sign of my insanity.  Who longs for their kid to move on to junior high? I'm really not longing for Olivia to grow up any faster than she already has, and I am not ready for the maelstrom the next few years will bring us. I am sure there will be a day when I will look back with longing on the simplicity of elementary school, even with that cursed year round schedule. But for now, we are basking in the thought of a full two months of summer vacation. No homework, no lunches, no carpool for 8 lovely weeks.  When our young neighbors start back to school in three weeks, we will be sitting on the porch in our jammies, laughing and mocking.

last day photo op

Olivia was my only child to go to attend the same school kindergarten through sixth grade. And she did it all with this cutie by her side.  Here is a first day of kindergarten/ last day of sixth grade re-enactment

And here is our carpool group, one last parting shot. Olivia and Ella started out alone in that carpool, and they will now blaze the way to Legacy Junior high.

Olivia and her teacher, Mrs. Wardell

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