Wednesday, May 17, 2017

There Goes My Baby

And just like that, she went and turned 12.

We had a (relatively) quiet birthday at home this year. Kentucky Fried Chicken, (her choice for dinner), a couple of good friends, grandma and grandpa, family, cake presents and ice cream. 

I always feel a slight pang of guilt when a birthday passes without a huge blowout of a party that exhausts me, destroys my house, deflates my budget and overwhelms my child. Quiet family birthdays leave me feeling like an under-performing parent. I have to keep the pep talk going in my head- my kids have had a LOT of big birthday parties- way more than I ever had- and their childhood will not be ruined by a few quiet birthdays at home without Disney princesses and chocolate fountains. But the struggle is real, and I quietly fight with myself all day about it.

Enough about that. On to what really matters, which is that my baby  is 12, soon to be a Primary graduate and Sand Springs Elementary graduate. We are moving on to Young Womens, Jr. High, mascara and shaved legs. Zoinks.

She sure is a good kid though. She is kind, hard working, funny, thoughtful, loyal, loving, artistic and introspective. Some days I am sure that she is the one to finally finish off my sanity, but most days, she is also the one to restore it.   Parenting a daughter is not for the faint of heart, but my oh my it is an adventure.

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