Monday, February 20, 2017


There are times in life when you are just tripping happily along, doing the best you can, and suddenly, something gets thrown in front of you that you never wanted, never looked for, and never expected, but it's there, so you just grab on to it and run.

I keep hoping that one day it will be a million dollars that trips me up, but this time, it was just a dog.

The last thing we needed, wanted, or planned on was ANOTHER animal, and yet, here we are.

Meet our latest addition.

 This is Bandit, now unofficially known as Bennett or Benny on the records of the Metcalf family, because he doesn't look like a Bandit. I really wanted to call him Dwight. He is a sheltie shitzu mix as far as we can tell. He is an old puppy, around 10 or so, we think, He lost his first person to a care center when they got too old to keep him. He bounced around the animal shelters for a while, then bounced around various members of our extended family before we just decided to bite the bullet and adopt him. He is cute and mellow, but he also has terrible separation anxiety, and wreaks havoc if he is ever left alone. But even having just another dog around for him is enough to calm his fears, so, since we have Piper, he does great at our house.  And oddly enough, we all really enjoy having two dogs, which is something I NEVER thought I would say. He isn't any more work than having one dog, and he and Piper play off each other great. Plus, he is old, so it's not like we've made a lifetime commitment or anything.

So I am going to say this one more time, and this time, I really mean it: THIS IS OUR LAST ANIMAL. No more exceptions, not ever. Mark my words.

Especially no more birds.

If you want to know the truth, this lousy parakeet here is the one that really rules the roost. We are all terrified of him. He is really mean.  I keep suggesting that we let him outside, just to see what would happen. Or that we let him fly into the microwave, then accidentally nuke him, just to see what would happen. Nobody thinks I am funny. I am not funny. I am serious. I almost had Audrey talked into pulling an Ozzie Osbourne moment, but she chickened out at the last moment. The bird's head was in her mouth. All she had to do was.....never mind. I better quit before the ASPCA starts calling.

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