Thursday, July 28, 2016

Falling Into Place

There was just so much going on today. And wow, it was one of those days where several little things fell into place to make it a smooth sailing day.

My mom and dad came up first thing in the morning to go to Logan with me to work on the house. They forgot their coffee (!) so we had to stop at a drive through for it, which meant that I could get a diet coke and that me really happy.  We were all pretty happy with our beverages and had a nice drive up the canyon.

We were up there to make some tile repairs in the kitchen. I took a stab at it by myself last week and messed things up real good, then decided I better get my dad to bail me out once again. And of course, with a little expert TLC from the professional tile setter in the family, we got it fixed. We found out that Lowe's has a guy who will make tile cuts for you, and all five of the pieces he cut for us worked perfectly the first time. That NEVER happens, at least not for me.

I got to use a little mortar to build up a cracked spot around the sink, and I got to push it into place with my hands! I'm sure my dad was cringing a little bit at that, but hey it worked, aided by his ingenious idea of using old tile pieces as a frame to shape the new mortar. We make a pretty good team, him and me.

While this was going on, my mom got a call about an appointment she has coming up, and since we were all right there together, we got all the details worked out. That would have been seriously more complicated if we hadn't been together when she got that call.

I happened to glance in the mailbox while we were there, and our property tax notice was in there. I'm not normally excited about getting a tax notice, but I am happy that I was there to get it instead of  having to depend on renters to forward it to me.

The whole job took less time than I planned on, and we were home in plenty of time to get Olivia from school. Yes, school. She started yesterday, and I have pictures to prove it.

Later this evening, Audrey and I went on a hike with our Young Women. I made it to the waterfall of Waterfall Canyon, even though my bum leg was killing me and all the way up I was having to sweet talk a tired and discouraged girl who just wanted to be done and didn't care about making it to the waterfall into continuing on. It worked. I got us both up the mountain. Late and tired, but successful.

And I don't know the tie in yet, but throughout my successful and crazy day, Mosiah 4:19 kept playing on a circuit in my head.

Figuring that out later. Off to bed now. My legs hurt.

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