Thursday, August 28, 2014

License to Drive

Look out world, look who got their driver's license on Tuesday....despite my best efforts to keep him my little Will, he went and passed his driver's test.  Then he gave me two coronaries on the drive home, when he ran through two stop signs. Ugh.  This parenting things just gets harder and harder!

On Friday, he will be driving himself to work for the first time as well.  That's right, Mr. Will is gainfully employed these days.  He has joined the ranks of fast food workers of America.  His second day on the job,  he came home and said he had decided he was actually going to study and get good grades this year in school, because working fast food sucks. Can't argue with him there, but hey it pays the bills, right?

Speaking of which, I better go call the insurance company and see what the current rate is for a teenage boy....

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