Sunday, December 8, 2013

Going Wireless

The day after we got back from California, Audrey had the momentous occasion of getting her braces off.  She was originally scheduled to have them removed on January 27.  This is her face when she heard she was getting them off the next day:

She was just a teeny bit joyful.  And then, the next day, after  two hours of having the glue painfully scraped off her teeth, even though they said it wouldn't hurt, she was still chipper enough for a smile.  And it looked like this:

Gorgeous, no?  Worth every penny and two years?  Yeah I guess so.  And now, she has a fancy blue retainer with the Super Man logo on the roof of it.  Now she wishes she had gotten  Hunger Games.  I keep telling her Super Man is much more classic, and since she will have this retainer for MANY YEARS TO COME (because I will have to hurt her if she leaves it on her lunch tray and it winds up in the dumpster), she will one day be happier she went with the more classic icon. As if anybody will ever see it.

This may be our last bout with braces.  I keep looking at Olivia's teeth.  It's hard to tell yet if she will need braces.  The dentist hasn't said anything, so I'm hoping she will take after the two big brothers she most resembles,  who did not need braces, and save me and my insurance company a few thousand dollars.

Now we are off to eat caramel corn and drink soda.

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