Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Time

What happens when you mix up a large batch of procrastination with one full time job,  then add a week full of Christmas concerts, a pinch of anxiety, a long list of people to buy for and a short imagination for gift ideas?  Mix that glob of goo up thoroughly  about eight days before Christmas, then add a messy house, the regular gamut of laundry, grime, and busywork, and throw it all in the fires of hell to bake for a week, and what do you get? You get me, running out of time to pull off this thing called Christmas.

Another week, and I will be burned to a crisp.  But it will also be over, and then I can go about collecting myself again. 

The GREAT news is that Alisa and Erwann will be here on Saturday, and I doubt they care if the house is clean.   The other GREAT news is that I have the day after Christmas off work.  And the REALLY GREAT news is that we have ONE MORE Christmas concert to get through tomorrow night, and then we can start Christmas shopping!  See, I had planned on shopping all this week after work.  But then Will and Audrey had three Christmas concerts between them this week, which is great, really great. But leaves me no time.  So I will be one of those desperate fools out shopping on Christmas Eve,  and oh crap, I just remembered Will needs a white elephant gift for school tomorrow- over and out for now-

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