Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Top 80 or so Moments From Our 2013 Big Midwest Adventure

I haven't even gotten to the pictures on my phone yet, but here are just a few (okay a LOT) of the greatest moments of our eleven day girl's adventure to Chicago to visit our family there, and many stops along the way, both planned and unplanned.

Matchy matchy!

My little nephews, all grown up.

Yummy yummy dinner at a great little place in downtown Chicago.  This should look a little familiar to Alisa

And a show downtown at the Cadillac Palace

Chicago Botanic Gardens

Water Taxi! 
and then
Navy Pier!

Milennium Park and the Bean

Josh and Becca
The Featherstone Family Traveling Circus takes over local deli
Josh and James

Saying goodbye after a wonderful week.

Mississippi River, along the Great River Road
Grandma and Livvi finding shells


Along Parley Street, which is the road you walk down to get to the Mississippi where the pioneers crossed on their way out of Navuoo, they have these quotes to read all along the way.  It is called the Trail of Hope.  This was by far my favorite quote.

One of our unplanned stops was at the American Gothic house- the real house that was the model for the painting.  If only we had gone to the Art Institute in Chicago, we could have seen the original.  We just happened to stumble on to this little place, and it was so cool!

A sunset on the prairie, somewhere in Iowa

Olivia called these Toy Story Clouds.  They were so pretty.

North Platte, NE.  Almost home

Our last hotel in Ogallala, NE.  Audrey finally smiled for a picture.

We have the BEST family in the world.  It was such a sweet time to spend with my folks and Mark and Lisa.  The cousins had a blast, too.   They are growing up so fast, and it makes me realize how important it is to get together as often as possible.  Hope we get to see them again real soon.

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