Friday, October 23, 2015

The Voices in our Heads

Some of us are off on a mini vacation to Moab this weekend. It was supposed to be a family trip but Will couldn't get off work. Duncan opted to stay home with him, and of course Mitchell and Alisa and Erwann are off doing their own thing. So it's just us girls and the daddy man. We left early, played along the way a bit, and pulled into town just before three p.m. Too late to go on any big excursions, too early to call it a day.  We wound up taking a short drive out to a small canyon just outside of town.  It was the perfect little adventure to start our weekend here.  We saw Indian petroglyphs, dinosaur foot prints, and then found this great little pull off at a place called Jug Handle Arch. It was the prettiest little private canyon. We felt like the only people in the world. We entertained ourselves by yelling at the tops of our lungs and listening as the echoes bounced down the canyon walls and back to us.

Feeling so far removed from everyone and everything and seeing ancient art, dinosaur prints, and how vast the world is makes you start thinking deep thoughts. Like how would it have been to live there 6000 years ago? I bet they loved calling these canyons home.

This is our little friend Dave the lizard, who almost decided to come home and be our pet. He rather quickly changed his mind at the last minute.

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